How To Increase Spa Retail Sales

As of 2016, a survey found that 13.71 million people had used day spa services within the last twelve months. Spas are a booming business, as about 88% of individuals view massage as being beneficial to overall health and wellness, and it is important to attract as much business as possible with products like waxing supplies and tools. Here are several ways you can increase your spa retail sales.

  • Maintain professional spa equipment: One way to increase retail sales is to attract customers to the spa in the first place. This can be done by maintaining a wide variety of spa equipment. This includes waxing supplies and tools, professional hair removal equipment, spa chairs, and equipment for massage therapists, just to name a few. If the spa equipment is of a good quality, then more customers will visit the establishment, which in turn will lead to increased retail sales. In tandem with maintaining professional spa equipment, spas can also increase retail sales by employing highly trained staff. If customers have a good experience, they’re more likely to buy spa retail products before returning home.
  • Keep a variety of spa products for sale: Another way to increase retail sales is to provide a wide variety of products that can be purchased by customers. As over 52% of U.S. consumers reported using skin care products daily, it would be essential to stock professional skin care products that could be bought by your consumers. Most importantly for skin care, this should definitely include facial kits. The spa should also stock waxing supplies and tools that could be bought and taken home to replicate the spa experience. Other retail supplies that would be important to stock include manicure and pedicure supplies. Many women love to give themselves manicures or pedicures, and if a spa stocks professional manicure supplies that they can buy and take home, this can increase the establishment’s retail sales.
  • Selling lash and brow supplies: While more closely associated with a salon then a spa, the latter can also carry supplies for caring for eyelashes and eyebrows. More and more women seek to attain the perfect eyebrow, so providing professional lash and brow products for sale would surely increase retail sales for any spa business.
  • In conclusion, there are several ways one can increase spa retail sales. One way is to attract more customers by maintaining professional spa equipment. Another way to increase sales is to keep a wide variety of spa products like waxing supplies and tools for sale. And a third way to increase sales is to provide professional lash and brow products for sale.

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