Learning How Braces Fix A Crossbite


If you want to know how to fix crossbite issues, it might be a good idea to watch this video and learn more about the subject. There are different types of crossbites: posterior, anterior, and buccal. A posterior crossbite is a crossbite that occurs in the back teeth.

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An anterior crossbite is one that happens more towards the front, and it happens when the top teeth end up falling inside of the bottom teeth. A buccal crossbite is when the back teeth are too close to the cheek, entirely outside of the lower arch. Crossbites can be problematic cosmetically, and they can also cause problems with the teeth and jaws. They can lead to teeth that are damaged and chipped, asymmetric jaw growth, TMJ, and jaw joint problems, and they can even restrict the airway.

Crossbites can be uncomfortable to deal with when they are left untreated, and they can lead to problems that just worsen as a patient gets older. A lot of the time, orthodontists will want to fix a crossbite as soon as possible. There are many treatments that orthodontists can use, often involving braces, rubber bands, quad helix expanders, and other such tools that can be used.

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