Be Choosy About Your Healthcare — Explore Your Options!

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If we see our doctors regularly, there’s a good chance that they know a great deal about us in an intimate way. They’re in charge of our health and expect us to be open and honest with them — even if we’re ashamed to admit bad habits. If we have an open and honest relationship with them, they can help keep us healthy and feeling good, and the best doctors will establish that kind of relationship with their patient from the get-go, by not being judgmental or rushed. Doctors play such an important role in our lives — from our regular doctors that we see for check-ups, to emergency room physicians, to urgent care doctors, or those who staff walk in clinics, we rely on them in an emergency. As America grays, doctors will become increasingly important — it’s estimated by that 2030, three-fifths of Baby Boo

Choosing the Right Living Facility for Your Aging Parent

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It can be difficult to be responsible for a senior. Many adult children are faced with the care and the rehabilitation of their elderly parents. This is a common thing in the United States, and it is why so many senior homes like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and in home senior care facilities exist. These types of assisted living facilities were designed with the purpose of providing additional care to seniors, relieving the responsibility and worry of the adult children. There are many different types of assisted living facilities, and the best one for your aging parent will depend on a few things.

It is important to have a clinical care team for your parent. The clinical care team is the medical professionals who are responsible for the overall health and care of your parent. They may

Can You Treat Chronic Bronchitis with Physical Therapy?

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Chronic bronchitis is characterized by a long term cough that lasts three or more months out of the year for at least two consecutive years. Unlike acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis is unfortunately irreversible and usually is accompanied by COPD. It is, however, treatable. You can manage your chronic bronchitis in a variety of ways, one of which is actually physical therapy.

We tend to think of physical therapy as something for injuries like broken bones or surgeries like hip replacements. But in fact, physical therapy is simply defined as a type of treatment for dealing with health problems t

How Can I Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

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Have you been trying to lose weight, but with little success? Your story is one millions share in the United States, as rapid weight loss and physical toning is a mainstream issue that only continues to get more and more attention by the day. Some want to get the figure they’ve always dreamed of for their wedding, while others are keen on losing weight to manage accompanying health issues. Whatever your dream is, rest easy knowing that it’s more possible than ever before. Rapid weight loss is an achievable goal, but only with proper research into the role

Top Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Tips

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Everyone wants to put their best face forward, and that starts with skincare. It is important to keep a healthy skin care routine full with quality skin products in order to look and feel your best. Here are some top skincare tips that are dermatologist recommend.

1. Use sun protection

While the sun can seem warm and inviting, it is also our skin’s worst enemy. It is the culprit behind skin cancer, sun spots, aging, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. So in order to prevent them make sure all your skin products have SPF in them. This includes the winter time, just because there are clouds does not mean UVA and UVB rays are not there!

2. Even your skin tone

An uneven skin tone can be a sure fire sign of aging. So if you are looking to even out y

Reduce Your Chances For Diabetes, Stroke And High Blood Pressure Getting Fit And Healthy

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Let’s talk about weight loss. Are you or someone you know thinking about creating a new diet plan? General advice on trimming your waistline and increasing your heart health often trips up on a major point of general wisdom — no two people are the same! That goes double for those that struggle to fit to a schedule, whether it’s balancing a school and work life or raising children. Everyone wants to see viable results in a reasonable amount of time, particularly in the age of the Internet when fast results are constantly promoted. As such, medical weight loss centers have become one of the best options for people with reliable weight loss in mind. They incorporate intellectual strategies t

How Chiropractic Care Can Be Life Changing

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There is much that goes into taking care of your body — that goes without saying. But despite this, there are many issues that we neglect, especially if we live lifestyles with excess activity. Nobody wants to admit it when what they love is causing their bodies undue pain or stress, or even long-term consequences. It’s important to go the extra mile when caring for your body; that way, you can continue to do what you love, whether that’s soccer or hiking, for years to come. Undoubtedly, chiropractor services can help you in this regard. Yet many people don’t even know whether or not their insurance covers chiropractic care, let alone what that care actually entails. A chiropractor provides a service just as important as those provided by your primary care physician. If you find yourself dealing wi

Are You a Male Fighting the Aging Process?

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A grand father who keeps a “Haircut History” on his iPad notebook is the same person who bought a $15 constant firing nerf gun that shoots 20 nerf darts at a garage sale. And while it may seem strange that the same person who needs to keep track of his haircuts so that he does not go longer than two months without a trim is the same person still making absurd purchases as he makes his way through garage sales every chance he gets, the reality is that is a pretty good summary of how the aging process works.
While an aging make may still need reminders about getting his hair cut, he still has a heart and a passion young enough to want to buy an occasional nerf gun at a garage sale. In fact, many things about the male aging process can be both puzzling, and even frustrating. For example, family p

Alcoholism Is a Disease That Requires Treatment

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Alcoholism is real. For people who are skeptical, all they need do is find a loved one or someone they know who has a drinking problem. Before long, it will become glaringly apparent that addiction is not only real but it can kill. Alcoholism treatment is slowly becoming more accepted not only by the alcoholics themselves but also the people that love them.

Any twelve step program will tell an alcoholic that the first thing he needs to do is be willing to admit that he has a problem. Once he can do that, then the treatment can not only start but be effective.

Alcohol detox centers are there to take an alcoholic through what might just be the most difficult part of his treatment. Before any

Have You Seen A Heart Specialist Lately?

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How often do you think about your heart health? It can be easy to neglect this in your day-to-day life and many Americans are unsure about the last time they saw a cardiologist or adjusted their diet to be more heart healthy. With heart disease and heart failure one of the leading causes of death in the United States, it’s never been a better time to see a heart specialist and get yourself diagnosed. Heart disease is one of the leading killers in the United States and can creep up on you without your knowing, exacerbated by habits su