Why It’s Important to Seek Treatment for Addiction

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Buprenorphine addiction

Addiction happens for many reasons. It’s not always clear why people develop dependencies on certain drugs, but it often stems from a childhood trauma or mental illness. In fact, 6.8 million people with an addiction have a mental illness. Whatever the cause may be, the fact remains that addiction is a disease that needs treatment, like any other disease. If you’re in a center for addiction treatment and find yourself ready to fall back into the hands of drugs, don’t give up.

Addiction that stems from mental illness is usually the most difficult to treat. Having an addiction causes you enough stress on its own, but it can truly wreak havoc when combined with things like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder. Some of these illnesses can make you feel like there’s

New Underwear by THINX Helps Women Deal with Incontinence

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Medical walkers

America has an aging population. While it is true that people suffer more from incontinence issues as they age, women of all ages have been known to pee a little when they did not mean to. This is one reason that more leak proof diapers for adults have hit the store shelves in recent years.

Now Buzzleandnbsp;is reporting on a new product, put out late last year, for women who may worry about this issue. THINX has developed, not just leak proof diapers for adults, but a kind of underwear that is considered to be pee and perio

Great Nutrients and Herbs to Help Women Regulate Their Hormones

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Prostate health supplements

Multivitamins and mineral (MVM) supplements have been available to American consumers since the 1940s. It should come as no surprise that they are popular among health conscious people in the United States. It is estimated that at least 33% of all people throughout the country take supplements. MVMs make up about one sixths of all dietary supplement purchases. They also amount to about 40% of vitamin and mineral supplement sales. This is big business. Dietary supplement sales were estimated to be worth about $36.7 billion in 2014. People take supplements for a host of reasons. The kinds of supplements range from metabolic health products to hormonal balance supplements and hormonal support supplements.

Many women look to hormonal support supplements to keep them in balance. Continue Reading No Comments

The Benefits of Advanced Urgent Care

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Urgent care locations

When a health emergency comes you want to make sure that you and/or your loved ones are getting proper care. While certainly emergency rooms at major hospitals unquestionably have the numbers in terms of staff and equipment, we often find that such places also treat their victims as a mere addition to their numbers game. Do you want to get out of their game of playing with your life? Consider looking into advanced urgent care.

There are many reason to consider advanced urgent care. The first is the timeliness of it. Around 60% of all urgent care centers only make you wait at 15 minutes at the most. By then, you should be in the room talking to a physician or Continue Reading No Comments

Back Injuries and Proper Medical Care

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You have just tweaked your back on the way to work. You misjudged how slipper it was in the driveway, and you slipped and fell. What do you do now? Do you tough it out and make it through the work day? Do you call into work and hope your primary physician can see you on such a short notice? Do you drive to your local hospital emergency room? Back pains and injuries are some of the most common reasons for physician visits. It is important to know your medical care options and to evaluate your medical condition accurately.

Amount of pain How much pain are you in? Has the pain alleviated at all since you made it back inside? Have you taken anything for your pain and has it helped at all? These are all important factors to evaluate when deciding which medical care option is best for you. If you felt

Where Do You Go for After Hour Healthcare Needs?

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Urgent care centers

The second you walked in her room and heard your daughter’s raspy breathing you knew that this would be a very long night. Earlier during the winter break, your older son had some similar symptoms. After having head and chest congestion for about a week, you finally ended up seeking care are at a local urgent care clinic. Unable to get an appointment on the limited schedule that was offered at your pediatrician’s office, you saw few options. And while you may have been a little hesitant at first, the doctor and nurses were excellent. They were through and quickly took an x-ray to eliminate the possibility of pneumonia, but instead diagnosed a respiratory airway disorder. Somewhat simila

Colon AssessmentsUnderstanding the Importance

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Hepatobiliary surgery in phoenix

As people get older, much emphasis is placed on certain medical assessments in order to stay healthy and active. One of these is testing of the colon. Estimates from the American Cancer Society were that 2016 would see 95,270 diagnoses of colon cancer in addition to 39,220 diagnoses of rectal cancer in the United States. Colorectal cancer, rectal cancer along with cancer of the colon, is statistically named as the third most common cancer in the United States among both men and women.

Pancreatic cancer is estimated to be the eighth most common cancer diagnosis in w

Tips For Increasing Your Elderly Parent’s Holiday Cheer

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Getting help at home

Many seniors require additional medical care and assistance with everyday tasks as they get older. The type of care is often left for the adult parent to decide. While nursing homes seem to be a common choice, in home nursing care is also available. In home nursing care allows the senior to remain in the comfort of their own home, while still receiving the nursing services that they need. This can be especially beneficial during the holiday season, when most seniors would prefer to be surrounded by their families and joining in the celebrations of the season. Consider the following strategies for including your senior parent in the celebrations.

Host holiday events in their home

If possible, host your family?s holiday ev

6 Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction Treatment

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Hair transplant

Hair loss is a serious issue among both men and women in the U.S. that can actually lead to other issues. Because people are so reliant on their self-image, if they have a negative image of themselves, they can be susceptible to self-confidence issues and, in the more extreme cases, some severe anxiety or other psychiatric disorders.

Hair restoration is a great way to combat these unfortunate hair loss issues. One of the most popular forms of hair restoration is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Here are a few benefits of going to a respectable hair clinic and receiving FUE treatments:

What Is The Importance Of Medical Research Studies?

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Clinical study alabama

What do you know of medical research studies? Without them we may not have the medicine, vitamins and surgical procedures we rely on today. Clinical drug development relies on the consent and active participation of volunteers to ensure its products are safe for the general public to use. However, medical research studies need to follow a rigorous set of guidelines to remain as ethical and reliable as possible.

What Are Phase 1 Trials?

Medical research studies are separated into multiple trials to judge the gradual effect a given product or form of medication has on the participants. Here researchers will test an experimental drug or treatment on a relatively small group of people, as low as 20 and as high as 80, for the first time. This is done to assess everything from sa