Urgent Care Centers Providing Quality Medical Care at a Fraction of the Cost

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study on traditional hospital emergency room visits. The results showed that nearly half of the adult patients weren’t sufficiently ill to be admitted to the hospital. These patients reported that they sought medical care at the emergency room because their regular physician’s office was closed.

A study conducted by the Rand Corporation in 2010 showed that approximately 1 out of every 5 hospital emergency room visits could have been handled at an urgent care center instead. If more individuals visited urgent care facilities as opposed to hospital emergency rooms, it could potentially save $4.4 billion every year in health costs.

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Do You Know How to Chose the Best Kind of Therapist?

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Slow and steady and keep moving uphill. This is your mantra right now. After months of struggling to get your life back together, the appointments with the psychologists are starting to help you make progress. You have come to the conclusion that life is too short to live in constant chaos. So you are in the process of making the changes you need to be make and while some people are not going to understand, with the help of your psychologists and the other cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, you will continue to make progress.
After years of therapy for depression and anxiety, you finally feel like you can handle the days of stress on the job and at home. Although bei

Treatments for Lower Back Pain

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Does back pain affect you? Do you lay awake at night because you can’t get comfortable? If so, you are in good company. 69% say that back pain plagues their day-to-day lives. The back is important in your life. It provides support and balance, but it also allows you to move and turn. Taking care of your back properly is important. If your back is in pain, visit urgent care centers to begin managing it and getting your life back. Here are the top treatments to back pain.

1. Physical therapy directed by a therapist is an important step in treating and healing back pain. Physical therapists add specific movements and exercises to relieve the pain and strengthen the area. But 40% of peop

4 Types of Medical Hammers Used to Elicit Muscle Reflexes

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When it comes to testing of tension reflexes and chest repercussions, reflex hammers are widely used specialty tool for these medical procedures. These tools are designed to elicit reflexes to a tendon through tapping, which enables the physicians to detect disorders on the nervous system. There are two types of reflexes that a patient can exhibit; Hyperreflexia and hyporeflexia. Hyperreflexia is an extreme form of reflex, which often means there is a problem with the central nervous system. On the other hand, hyporeflexia is a small reflex that suggests a disorder in the peripheral system.

Generally, there are different reasons that prompt this type neurosurgical examination, the main one is when there is a loss of muscle mass, tone and strength, which normally occurs in men and women after th

How To Manage Your Stress Levels With Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

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Are you stressed out most days of the week? Do you struggle to get enough sleep at night due to your stress and busy schedule? It is important to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally so that you thrive in every aspect of your life. In order to stay on top of it in your career or personal life, you need to take care of your mind and body at all times. Learning ways to reduce your stress like using an aromatherapy neck pillow or a microwavable shoulder heat wrap can make all the difference in your stress levels, mood and ability to sleep well each night.

Not sure if your stress levels are out of control or what a normal night?s sleep looks like? Keep reading to find out if you are overly stressed and losing precious hours of sleep because of it.

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Sleep Disorders Must Be Diagnosed to get the Right Treatment

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Many people struggle with getting a good night’s sleep on occasion. Still others may suffer from chronic insomnia. These are usually temporary conditions that can be remedied by either physical or mental changes, such as not using electronics before bedtime, working out more or eating differently. But for some people, their sleep problems result from a medical condition. In these cases, they may need sleep disorder treatment.

What kind of sleep disorder treatment you need depends largely on what type of sleep disorder you have. For example, if your sleep problems are caused by a mental illness such as depression, which is something that happens in about 90% of cases, y

Assisted Living Now Comes With Many More Options

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It wasn’t very long ago that seniors who were entering the stage of their life where they were being asked to consider moving into some kind of assistance living situation looked upon that prospect as something they dreaded. The idea of moving into a “home” can be extremely frightening for anyone at any time in their life, but when it comes to the end of life, it can be especially upsetting.

For many years, the term nursing home put the fear of abandonment and institutionalization into the minds of many people who were entering their later stages of life. They dreaded the idea of having to give up their home and many felt that institutions would be robbing them of their houses and other possessions. This feeling is also exacerbated by the impending feeling of unhappiness and denial about no longer being

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder, which can cause other health issues. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person frequently stops breathing while asleep. While this sounds very scary, it is possible for individuals experience sleep apnea to receive treatment, such as Resmed CPAP supplies. A CPAP machine, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine helps those with sleep apnea to breathe easier during the night.

While many people may be aware of what sleep apnea is, it largely goes undiagnosed. In fact, two to four percent of all Americans have sleep apnea, but h

Have You Noticed Your Hair Is Thinning? It’s Not too Soon to Discuss Your Replacement Options

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Have you noticed that your hair is thinning? Or perhaps you’ve realized that your hair loss has become more evident. It is not uncommon for men to notice that they have some degree of hair loss by the time they are 35. When they are 50, however, 85% of men will have lost a significant amount of hair.

There are approximately 35 million men in America that experience some amount of hair loss and/or baldness. In most cases, this is due to Androgenetic Alppecia, or common male pattern baldness. Over 95% of hair loss in men is attributed to this cause.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, there are replacement options available at a hair clinic. While some men may opt for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), the less-invasive option is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

During FUSS,

3 Services You Can Get Treated At An Urgent Care Center

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If you have an illness or wound, there is a chance you might not even need to go to the emergency room, like many people think. For many different ailments, you can get emergency room care without having to pay for an emergency room physician visit, which can be much more money than an urgent care visit. Medical clinics can offer prescriptions for ailments like the flu, dehydration, STD treatments and allergies. There is no reason that you have to pay emergency room prices to see a great quality doctor at your local urgent care.

Here are three different ailments you can get treated at an urgent care center.

1. Back pain

Up to 69% of Americans reports lower back pain affecting their daily lives. Back pain can be