Do You Have an Upcoming Meeting with Your Employer’s Group Benefits Specialist?

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Employee group benefits plan

January 2016 may have been a major transition for many Americans. With the final implementation of the nation’s new healthcare system, employees and employers across America anxiously monitored their insurance options to see how the new plans would play out. A year later, as President-Elect Trump threatens to dismantle the healthcare system that took many years to implement, group benefit specialists add their names to the lists of workers and business owners who will see what, if any, changes will be made with the new administration.
The work days of group benefit specialists revolve around explaining the group health insurance parameters to new hires, as well as to those who are planning for retirement. And while explaining the Continue Reading No Comments

Dealing With Infertility? Your Medical Options for Treatment

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Ivf financing

You have dreamed of the day that you would marry and then begin your own family. You have been married for a few years and you and your spouse decided it was finally time. After many months of failed conception, you are feeling overwhelmed and disappointed. You begin to feel guilty, worried, and anxious. This is an all too common situation among couples across the country. Infertility is one of the most common medical concerns. Fortunately, some of these couples have options to increase their fertility chances.

Visit your local physician Although physician?s are not specialized in fertility issues, they can begin the diagnostic and testing procedure to see if anything medical is preventing fertility. They can refer out for the appropriate tests that will test hormone levels, blood levels

Ensuring the Best Health for Your Child – Urgent Care for Kids

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Shoreline urgent care

One of the most important priorities that you, as a parent, must always have at the top of your mind is to ensure that your children enjoy the best of health at all times. Childhood is a time filled with fun, memorable moments, and should definitely stay that way. Unfortunately, this is also the time when a number of diseases and health concerns usually come to the surface, and as parents, keeping constant vigilance and immediately seeking medical help the moment something goes wrong is something that needs to be done at all times. To achieve this, you need to stay alert, scope out local medical clinics and choose the right one to go to, Continue Reading No Comments

Urgent Care ClinicsAn Excellent Alternative to the Emergency Room

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Walk in clinic seattle

There are times when an incident or occurrence will make it necessary for someone to find the nearest walk in clinic. This is a medical clinic that is available for patients whose need is not serious enough for a visit to the emergency room, but is enough to need immediate care without waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Most urgent care centers, up to 85%, are open every Monday through Sunday, seven days a week. This makes it easy for people to receive the care they need when they need it. Often, when someone suffers a sports injury, say, on a Saturday or Sunday, rather than spend hours waiting to be seen at the emergency room, the nearest walk in clinic is

Dealing With the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

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Elderly sitter services

The symptoms of Alzheimer?s and dementia can be scary and overwhelming. You begin to forget things that you never thought possible to forget. You misplace items, sometimes never finding them again. You even forget the names of items that are so simple to remember. Alzheimer?s affects the brain?s ability to remember and to recall certain things. Alzheimer?s also progresses at different rates, for different people. When dealing with the symptoms of Alzheimer?s, it is important to keep the following things in mind.

Find a great medical team. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer?s, there are things that can be done to effectively manage the symptoms. There are also things that can be done to slow down the progressio

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

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Urgent care in frisco tx

You have probably seen multiple urgent care centers developing around your city. Do you know which one is appropriate to visit? If you are feeling ill and you have the choice between the emergency department of your local hospital or the local urgent care center, which one will you visit? What if you are injured? Although urgent care centers are quickly expanding all over, many people are still confused as to the differences.

Urgent care for less serious of conditions.

Have you ever debated going to the emergency department, telling yourself that your injury does not warrant an emergency? Yet, you do not want to wait all weekend to possibly get an appointment with your primary physician. The urgent care setting is perfect for this situation. You will receive ER care without the wait,

Millions of Baby Boomers Report Chronic Medical Conditions, Looking to Retire

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What is skilled nursing care

If you’re a nursing student who has not declared a specialty yet, senior retirement communities want to talk to you. Nurses who have experience volunteering or working directly with elderly or medically fragile patients often report that they are able to make a smooth transition to working at skilled nursing facilities. Surprisingly, skilled nursing facilities and convalescence home care facilities often work with patients who need round-the-clock care, not just senior citizens. Some retirement homes specialize in hospice care or in helping people recover from surgery: nurses who feel enthusiastic about helping medically vulnerable patients are exactly the type of health care professionals that nursing homes

6 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic benefits

There are a number of things you can get out of going to a chiropractor. This is the reason that so many people seek out medical treatment from chiropractor. At least 27 million people across the United States visit them every year. There are a lot of benefits of a chiropractor.

  1. Help you avoid surgery after a back injury. If you start off with a back surgeon you are at least 28 times more likely to have an operation for it. If you start with a doctor of chiropractor you can get treatments other than surgery. This is one of the main benefits of a chiropractor that most people know about them. Avoiding surgery is one of the main people go to chiropractors in the first place. Nearly 30% of all Americ

Why Piyo Might be Just Right For You

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Piyo workouts

There are many reasons why people don’t keep up the exercise routines they begin so enthusiastically. It takes too long to see results, injuries dampen the spirits, the repetition gets boring, they reach a plateau and can’t see a way past. With a fluid, low impact aerobic workout like piyo, which combines the best of Pilates and yoga, these objections tend to vanish. Especially when looking at piyo before after pictures, the weight loss and body sculpting power of the routine gets people hooked.

Why bother with exercise, anyway?
If it’s perfectly possible to chug along in your daily routine without exercise, why should you bother? That’s because there are all kinds of health benefits to exercise, both visible and invisible. Not only do you look and feel fitter and more alert,

Different Types of After School ProgramsWhat to Look For

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Summer day camps

Each school year thousands of working parents are faced with the same decision. What types of after school programs are available for their child(ren)? If they have been at this for awhile and have found a safe, affordable local program that both they and their child(ren) are happy with, the best thing is to stick with it. However, each year children are beginning elementary schools for the first time, never having been in any of the many types of after school programs that there are, and will be in need of a safe place to be until the parent’s work day is finished. Best case scenario is a local Continue Reading No Comments