6 Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction Treatment


Hair transplant

Hair loss is a serious issue among both men and women in the U.S. that can actually lead to other issues. Because people are so reliant on their self-image, if they have a negative image of themselves, they can be susceptible to self-confidence issues and, in the more extreme cases, some severe anxiety or other psychiatric disorders.

Hair restoration is a great way to combat these unfortunate hair loss issues. One of the most popular forms of hair restoration is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Here are a few benefits of going to a respectable hair clinic and receiving FUE treatments:

  • No Marks — FUE treatments do not make any marks or scars unlike other more invasive hair replacement surgeries. Even patients with extremely short hair will not have any marks present.
  • No Pain — Some hair surrey can actually harm the patient either before, during, or after the treatment period. FUE treatments, however, isn’t harmful at all and won’t cause pain later on either.
  • Donor Area Reamins In Tact — The donor area from where the hair was originally removed looks completely normal without any signs of markings.
  • Provides a Natural Appearance — FUE treatment will give the patient a natural look and will not show any visible signs to anyone else that they have actually undergone any serious treatment. Other forms of hair replacement often have unflattering remarks in the days following the treatment and can easily be identified by other people.
  • Quick Recovery — Along with relatively no scars or marks on the scalp, FUE hair restoration patients will recover extremely quickly. Usually in a matter of days, instead of weeks or longer for other treatments, because no stitches or invasive equipment is used during the procedures.
  • Great Look — Obviously, the most significant benefit is that you will look great afterwards. No more worrying about how you look in photos or feeling self-conscious when you’re meeting new people. You’ll feel more confident than ever with your new head of hair and you’ll have FUE hair transplant procedures to thank.

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