How Produce is Kept Fresh at Grocery Stores


Grocery stores implement many techniques to keep vegetables fresh for longer. While this video discusses the training that grocery workers receive, the grocery industry implements many technologies to extend freshness, including perforated plastic bags and refrigerated storage that work with misters to keep the area cool and damp. Some vegetables and fruits require a dry, room-temperature storage or display area. Separating produce that emits ethylene gas, a ripening agent, from quick ripening produce also helps. Maintaining proper airflow also aids production in lasting longer.

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Combining all of these techniques helps grocers lengthen the time that their produce can last on display. Once a consumer purchases it, the best way to keep it fresh changes. Store most fruits and hard vegetables, like onions and potatoes, at room temperature. Place vegetables that the grocery store kept in cool, misted areas in zippered freezer bags in the refrigerator.

Continuing to separate the ethylene gas-producing produce from the quick-ripening items helps everything last longer. Grocers keep produce from farmers fresh for as long as possible using fresh food logistics. Consumers can take a queue from them and use proper storage techniques and temperature control to help fresh vegetables and fruits last longer and remain fresh.


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