Protecting Yourself From Dangerous Technological Rays


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Technology and electronics are everywhere you turn today. People can instantly access the internet and social media from their desktops, their portable computers or even from their person cellular devices. Even people?s coffee makers and other kitchen appliances incorporate technology in a way to make the device easier used. People are exposed to radiation and electromagnetic forces on a daily basis. The risks of electromagnetic radiation are still not fully known. It has proven that it can be harmful in a variety of ways, but the full extent to the harm is not yet fully known. Technology is still a newer thing, and research will eventually reveal the extent of the dangers and the harm that is possible. What can people do to prevent the risks of electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation protection is important in preventing harmful rays and chemicals from our everyday electronic devices. Additionally, living in an area with high technology use can also be harmful, meaning that simply limiting electronic device usage is not sufficient enough. The spread of cell towers in communities, often placed on pre-school, church day-care, and school campuses means that young children can have 1,000 times higher RF exposures in home and school environments than existed even 20 to 25 years ago. Children, who are still growing and developing are especially at risk from these electromagnetic radiations and should receive EMF protection for electronics. A 2010 study of children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 years showed short term EMF exposure cause headache, irritation and concentration difficulties in school.

A bioelectric shield can be used to protect people from these harmful bioelectric magnetic rays. The shied can come in a variety of ways, from EMF protection jewelry to EMF protection pins and cell phone radiation protection blockers. Additional electromagnetic radiation protection might be needed in homes with more devices than the average household. The average number of EMF filters or shield that were used in one home is 20, however, you can determine if you need more or less based upon the number of electronic devices that you have plugged into your outlets. A home with multiple kids or multiple devices may benefit from additional electromagnetic radiation protection.

Large events that include a lot of technology usage are also a good time to ensure EMF protection. An event such as a concert is likely to utilize a lot of technology based features that can be harmful to its guests. A guest can wear an EMF cell phone blocker or an EMF jewelry piece to ensure that they are not exposed to the dangerous radiation rays. Other events might include crowded malls or county fairs that might include a lot of technology or a lot of guests who have technological devices on them. Many of these EMF blocking devices can be found at an EMF safety store.

Technology is an important part of our culture today. Everyone not only uses it on a daily basis, but they also use it in multiple ways. The research for the damaging radiation rays of technology is still new, but has shown that it can be harmful to its users. Cell towers are placed near children and large events such as concerts and fairs can expose people to an abundance of these dangerous rays. Bioelectric shields allow people to still enjoy these events and their technological devices, while also still being protected.

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