How Attending a Private Rehab Center Will Help You Get Your Life Back


Drug rehab process

Recognizing the signs of alcohol or drugs abuse is the first step to coming to terms with the problem. Choosing the appropriate drug rehab center is imperative to the long lasting health and well being of the patient.

The facts are unsettling and scary. In a study found by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canadians were found to drink more than 50 percent above the global average. This figure is growing, considering alcohol is now the third leading cause of the global burden of disease and injury. Annually, 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to substance abuse, with 20% of the population experiencing a mental health or addiction problem. In total, substance abuse has cost the Canadian health care system over 8 billion, a shocking amount that is only expected to rise.

Ignoring the signs of addiction can lead to permanent health issues, ruined relationships and careers, along with premature death. Enrolling in a private rehab facility is crucial for life long health and success. Typically regarded as an extreme measure, private rehab facilities boast many advantages compared to their government funded counterparts.

In a public drug rehab center, you will find mental health addicts mixed in with those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse problems. Since the facilities are so large it is hard to get individualized care, as they cater to a one size fits all mentality. No matter your age, gender,background,or illness, each patient is expected to wear the same hat in terms of treatment. This regimen is not proven to be successful, because if a patient suffering from a cocaine addiction is treated with the same process as one with an anxiety disorder, how will they be able to recover properly?

The main focus of a private drug rehab center is to concentrate on the root of the addiction and to begin treatment at that root. These root problems range anywhere from adverse childhood experiences, traumatic encounters, peer pressure, or genetics. Through this approach, the patient will be assessed for any physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs crucial for a successful recovery, meaning each patient will react differently to treatment. Inpatient rehabs, luxury rehabs, and residential treatments allow patients to receive a high intensity, personalized treatment not available at public drug rehab centers.

When the quality of treatment isn’t the best, patients will have a higher chance of relapsing and returning to rehab. There are reminders everywhere that link an addict to their substance of choice, from their neighborhood, their friends, and even a stressful day at work. Private drug rehab centers help patients go back to square one, where a public rehab facility may have troubles assessing the problem from the beginning.

People with a mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance abuse problem, and at least 20% of people with a mental illness have a co-occurring mental illness. Seeing that mental illness and substance abuse go hand in hand, private substance abuse centers are also extremely experienced in treating the mental illnesses that can hinder an addict.

Entering a private drug rehab center will help you achieve the complete life change needed to overcome addiction. You will soon learn that the road to recovery is not too far away, and your life will thank you.

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