When To Get Your Child Urgent Care With The Worry of Strep


For kids, wanting to stay home from school is natural. The busy days can seem so unappealing when the option of relaxing at home and watching television is on the table. Many children complain every day that their throats hurt. What happens however when a child’s complaining turns out to be more than just complaining? A spiked fever, swollen tonsils… these are all symptoms of strep throat. Strep throat that requires a doctor and medication in order to treat, not being a doctor this is impossible to diagnose or treat. So what happens when it is too late to get in touch with your child’s pediatrician? What can be done with your child needs urgent care? Luckily, urgent care for kids is accessible by simply going to an urgent care clinic. What are the symptoms of strep and will an urgent care location be able to treat your child? Let’s explore this, shall we?

What exactly is strep throat?

Strep throat or a streptococcal infection is when the throat has a bacterial infection. This infection causes both pain and inflammation of the throat and tonsils. Typically these types of infections are accompanied by high fevers, aches, and soreness of the neck, lymph nodes, and throat. Accompanying these symptoms are also try mouth and bad breath. If these symptoms stand true for your child, urgent care for kids might be your best shot to getting them back on their feet faster.

How is strep treated?

The only way to treat strep throat is with doctor prescribed antibiotics. Some of these popular treatments include penicillin, amoxicillin and azithromycin. Considering strep is also highly contagious, these children require being kept away from other children for 24 hours until the medication has time to begin working for them. In order for step to not be spread to other children in their class or play group, the doctors and schools request that this solitary period is respected for other parents and children.

Can urgent care locations provide the current treatment.

Seeing as seven out of ten urgent care centers can even provide intravenous fluids, diagnosing strep throat is something that all locations have the ability to do. Most urgent care centers even see more than 450 patients a week! These experienced doctors and medical practitioners are well prepared to handle all cases. Most of these urgent care centers are even owned by groups of physicians.

So the next time you need urgent care for kids because your child has a sore throat that seems more than likely to be a case of strep throat, take them directly to your local urgent care and have them fixed up. They’ll be back on their feet in no time and back in school learning where they belong, and you can resume your busy parenting life without having to make chicken soup and cuddle for a few hours out of your busy day.

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