Yes, My Hair Still Looks Great


A painful factor in coming of age is hair loss. The average American can lose between 50 and 100 pieces of hair every day. The average 35-year-old American male has already typically seen a significant change to his hairline. However, a new trend has begun to sweep the nation. Hair replacement services have begun to pop up all over the country, striving to make hair loss a problem of the past.

I am your average male, experiencing first hand the patterns of my hair loss setting in. “Hair restoration near me” has become one of the most searched phrases in all of my search engines. Shockingly, however, finding a hair loss doctor without judgment has been surprisingly painless.

Hair transplant procedures are shockingly simple and minimally evasive, and with locations all over California it couldn’t be easier to find a certified doctor that I know and trust to handle my transplants. I used to stress about the hair loss (which probably contributed to it) but now I can walk out the door without a worry in my mind.

Never in a million years did I think that it would be so simple to get my hair back. I used to try to hide under baseball caps, pretending that the hair loss wasn’t happening. Who would have thought that the hair restoration experts could make this whole thing seem as if it was no big deal? Or better yet, who would have thought this whole process genuinely wasn’t a big deal at all? I certainly didn’t realize how painless it all was until I took the chance and tried it out for myself.

So how does this hair transplant work, you might ask?

In this procedure, using natural distribution, hair follicles are removed from a donor site on my own body and placed in the recipient site where the hair loss is most prominent. With the preservation of hair follicles, this grafted hair that has been placed in the new site looks and feels as if it has always been there. Once you get over the initial reluctance to admit you’re losing your hair and build up the courage to look for a certified doctor (which can be as easy as just typing the words “hair restoration near me” into a search bar), the rest of the procedure essentially takes care of itself with incredible ease.

As hair loss treatment becomes more and more prominent, men are beginning to feel much less pressure and shame at having such a procedure done. Celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Jude Law, Sean Penn, Elton John, and even Gordon Ramsay have all admitted publically to receiving hair restoration treatments.

Follow my first step. Open up your web browser and type in “Hair restoration near me.” It might seem scary at first, but none of that will matter once you are able to once again run your hands through a full head of your very own hair.

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