Why It’s Important for Kids to Get Involved in Athletics at School


Seeing parents and coaches yelling at kids during or after a sports match makes you wonder what is happening inside that child’s mind. Hugh McDonald believes that kids need to enjoy sports. Having an adult yell at them makes them afraid of failure and makes them lose interest instead of having fun.

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Kids imagine they are well-known athletes performing in athletics while enjoying the moment and the sport. They enjoy playing different sports for different seasons. Allowing them to play and explore a wide variety and have fun while doing so will keep them interested longer.

Kids don’t need to focus on a specific sport right away. Allow them to play as many different sports as they like, having them enjoy the moment. Forcing a child into a particular sport will cause the child to lose interest. They could end up leaving that sport altogether at a later stage.

Don’t let your competitiveness as an adult influence how you treat your kids during their memorable matches. Being yelled at isn’t fun for anyone, let alone a child. Allow kids to enjoy the moment and encourage them while they play their sports, and reward them by being there for them.

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