Alternative Chronic Back Pain Treatment Options


Lower back pain is a leading reason for chiropractic visits. In today’s digital-driven world, most people spend most of their day slumped over in front of a computer screen. This is one of the leading causes of severe lower back and hip pain. In certain individuals, the lower back arches in the opposite way, with an exaggerated curve known as lordosis. This can cause discomfort as it compresses the lumbar spine.

Visiting a chiropractor for low back pain and leg spasms is a highly effective treatment method. After a few days, weeks, or months, low back pain will subside on its own for most individuals. In some cases, low back pain can become persistent and severe. When this occurs, the best way to treat back muscle strain is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This may involve engaging in regular exercise and consuming a nutritious diet.

Alternatively, it may involve employing several pain management strategies, such as chiropractic treatment, medicine, physical therapy, and yoga. Low back pain may also be managed with chiropractic therapy as an alternative method of pain management. It may be more effective than conventional pain relief approaches!

Your chiropractor can also offer chronic back pain differential diagnosis. Visit your chiropractor today to get help.

Chiropractic care

Chronic back pain can be both debilitating and stressful. It is different in the fact that it is a permanent pain. Any medical treatments or pharmaceuticals that you use on a regular basis will simply be for the control of symptoms, rather than the cure of the chronic pain. In some cases, medical providers are unable to even diagnose the chronic pain cause and instead, must focus on treating the pain in the safest way possible. If chronic pain is a part of your everyday life, you probably have visited multiple physicians, visited physical therapy, and considered surgical options. When these options give little relief, consider these alternative chronic pain treatments.

Many physicians will not refer you to a chiropractor for the reduction of your pain symptoms. Although chiropractic?s can be beneficial in reducing chronic pain, it takes a specialized chiropractor that is familiar with the anatomy and pain conditions of the back. This is because inexperience or a lack of knowledge can actually make a chronic back pain condition worse. If you choose to visit a chiropractor for your chronic back pain condition, find one that is familiar with chronic pain conditions, especially of the spine.

Exercise therapy
When you have chronic pain, exercise is probably one of the last things you crave to do. It may be difficult to get into a regular exercise routine because of the pain. It may also be tough to learn what exercises are actually beneficial, while also figuring out which ones do more harm than good for the body. Despite the possible pains of exercise therapy, exercise can be crucial in the reduction of chronic pain. Many brain and body health centers utilize a multi model of pain treatment, meaning they also incorporate exercise into the treatment plan.

For the best results, work with a licensed trainer. Licensed trainers differ from regular gym staff in that they are knowledgeable of different medical conditions, as well as many medical conditions. They will be an important part in developing an effective and safe exercise routine that will help to reduce your pain. Exercise therapy can help with strengthening surrounding muscles and encouraging sleep. With 86% of chronic pain sufferers reporting an inability to sleep well, this is also an important area to correct.

Aqua therapy
If you find that exercise is just too much pressure and pain on your back condition, consider aqua therapy. Many brain and body health centers have access to a pool for either physical therapy or exercise purposes. Aqua exercise is perfect for those with pain conditions of the spine, because it is less labor. You can complete your recommended chronic back pain exercises in the water, where your body feels less heavy. The exercises will be easier to complete and you will feel less pain. As you get used to the water exercises, you can gradually move them to land. The lowered pressure of the water can also help with increasing energy levels. Approximately 74% of chronic pain sufferers said their energy level is impacted by their pain.

Neuropathy specialist
When you visit your brain and body health centers location, it is also likely that there is a neuropathy specialist on staff. Many physicians fail to consider the neuropathy symptoms of chronic pain conditions. They may attempt to treat the spinal and joint pain points, but completely overlook the neuropathy. The neuropathy pain usually presents itself in the form of arthritic pain and can be troublesome in itself, especially when added to current chronic pain. If you are not referred to a neuropathy specialist, request a visit with the brain and body health center.

Chronic back pain conditions are extremely common in our country. In fact, in a survey done by the National Institutes of Health, 27% of Americans said low back pain was their most common type of pain, followed by headaches or migraines (15%). Chronic back pain sufferers are often sent to numerous back specialists, with little relief. Sometimes the best treatment of pain symptoms comes from alternative sources of treatment, including chiropractic?s, neuropathy specialists, aqua and exercise therapy, and working with your local brain and body health center.

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