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cellular health supplementsThere never seems to be a dull moment in your house!

This last 24 hours, however, has been especially eventful. Your oldest was hit with some very severe stomach pain last night while at a church event. You took him straight to the hospital and discovered that he had a very slow and irregular heart rate. Many tests and an ambulance transfer in the middle of the night to another hospital to be admitted to the cardiac floor.

Luckily, after even more tests, everything came back normal so your son was discharged with orders to follow up with several doctors. He also has to wear a cardiac monitor for two weeks as well. You have no idea yet what caused this painful stomach pain, but once you got him home and he had a chance to rest and eat he was feeling much better.

You are very grateful the doctor working in the ER is a parent from the school where you work, and she was wonderful with your son. He did miss a final exam today, but already has scheduled a make up time for that.

In the meantime you are hoping that you can convince your son to take better care of himself, including eating better, resting more, and getting at least some exercise three or four times a week. His current college schedule has worn him out and he has developed some unhealthy habits and schedules. He eats breakfast infrequently and often relies on fast food meals instead of healthier choices.

For your part, you have been much more careful about your eating, sleeping, and exercising habits, so you hope that you can influence your son to make better choices. As soon as you find out that he has the all clear from the doctors, in fact, you hope to talk to your son about the cellular health supplements that you have been taking. Although you have not cut meat entirely out of your diet, you have found that limiting the meat that you eat while at the same time increasing the amount of vegetables, fruits, and high fiber items that you eat, combined with the cellular health supplements, have made you feel more energetic. You hope that the metabolic health products might help your son as much as they have helped you.

Consider some of these statistics about how cellular health supplements and other scientific solutions for cellular health are becoming more well known in today’s world:

  • Although some consider the use of vitamins and supplements to be new, the fact of the matter is that Americans have been taking multivitamin, sometimes call mineral supplements (MVM), since the early 1940s, the first time these products became available.
  • 33% of Americans take MVMs, a still popular dietary supplement.
  • Hormonal support supplements are also increasingly popular. For instance, many Americans use natural vitamins and other options instead of relying on stronger medications that have been used in the past.
  • 10% of U.S. adults, which accounts for 22.8 million people, say they largely follow a vegetarian diet.
  • 66% of American adults take at least one dietary suppleĀ­ment, typically these consist of multivitamin or mineral pills.
  • 16% of dietary supplements sales in America are MVMs, and 40% of all vitamin and mineral supplements sales in America are MVMs.

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