Fertility, Screening Services And More Why You Should Be Meeting With A Gynecologist This Year


What goes into finding the right gynecologist?

Just like a pair of jeans or a unique diet, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your needs won’t mirror another woman’s exactly and that’s perfectly fine. Finding the right gynecologist is just as much figuring out what you need as it is aiming for a common goal. Whether it’s weight loss and wellness services or determining your fertility levels, taking this step will ease a lot of weight off your shoulders. The best gynecologist should care about your happiness and what you hope to achieve over the course of the decade.

Here’s what you can expect to enjoy when you’re finished finding the right gynecologist.

Did You Know?

Here are some lesser-known facts about your body you may find surprising. The average woman has 17 square feet of skin when she isn’t pregnant. This amount will increase to nearly 19 square feet by the time she reaches her ninth month of pregnancy. Infertility is an issue that’s beginning to affect more and more people everyday. Today over six and a half million women have impaired fecundity (or an impaired ability to carry a baby to term). Finding the right gynecologist is a decision you should make carefully, as they will be supporting you throughout each stage of your life.

Breast Health Screening Services

Breast cancer rates are still on the rise. Your best possible chance at a smooth recovery is spotting this disease in its early stages. Gynecology can provide you with breast health services to determine any unusual development before it gets worse. Checking yourself for possible lumps is possible to do in the comfort of your own home. Any unusual bumps in or around the breast or beneath the underarms should be inspected immediately. Increased sensitivity and discoloration are also possible signs you should be seeing a gynecologist.

Fertility Services

You may be asking yourself how to go about finding the right gynecologists because of worries about fertility. Whether you’re already pregnant or are wondering if you can get pregnant, a gynecologist can provide you with an exam to determine where to go from here. Women are at their most fertile between the ages of 20 and 24. This will begin to decline for women from the age of 30, dropping far more steeply when they reach 35. By the time women reach the age of 40 just two out of five will be able to have a child.

Hormone Therapy

Another health issue that’s somewhat lesser-known is that of hormone therapy. Hormone imbalances can affect just about everything we do, leaving us moody, fatigued and struggling to feel our best. Finding out whether you need a boost in estrogen, however, is best left to the professionals. Hormone tests can be provided to figure out the levels in your body that need adjusting, with hormone therapy able to be done over the course of a few weeks or a few months. From holistic health to simple exams, a gynecologist will have you covered.

Finding The Right Gynecologist

You’re not just applying for a basic check-up. You’re looking for a medical professional that will walk with you on your journey to carry a child to term or improve your health. While this can seem like a tall order, it will be well worth the effort. Your first step should be sitting down with a local gynecologist and asking them about their experience, their process and what they can provide you over the next few months. If you feel uncomfortable there’s no shame in meeting with another doctor.

Your health is important to you. It should be just as important to your gynecologist.

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