Lower Back Pain? Why a Chiropractor Is a Great Choice


Updated 3/24/2022

If you have back pain, it can have a major impact on your life. That is why it is important to see a doctor. Most back injuries are caused by problems with the muscles, which can be treated in a number of ways. But in order to determine the best way to treat yours, you should go to a chiro office and get an exam. For lower right backaches, females, your doctor or chiropractor can provide targeted advice and treatment. This is true for right side back pain reasons as well. If you try to look for answers on your own, the results might not be as good as they’d be otherwise.

A doctor can also prescribe pain medicine for chronic back pain. While many drugs are available over the counter, your doctor has access to many more. They can also give you advice on how to stay safe with your prescriptions. So if you have pain and haven’t visited a doctor yet, you should. Rather than live with the pain or try to treat it inefficiently. you’ll be able to get back to your life.

Back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain for Americans and is the leading cause of disability for those under the age of 45. Back pain can be caused by a myriad of things including — but not limited to — athletic activity, car accidents, and awkward movements or stretches. Any of these may cause strain on the ligaments of the back resulting in back pain.

Luckily, minor back problems such as lower back pain can be easily fixable without invasive surgery. If you?re suffering from lower back pain and have already gone through the possible self-treatments such as using a heat pack, maintaining good posture, and sleeping with a pillow behind your back, then it may be time to see a chiropractor.

Chiropractic benefits include treatment for lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, blurred vision, and other chronic problems. Each chiropractor is different — for instance, chiropractic care for sports injuries differs from the care of a chiropractor for accident victims — and so it?s important to discuss what it is you?re looking for in a specialist with your primary health doctor.


Lower back pain after a car accident is relatively common as whiplash is one of the top injuries suffered from victims of accidents. According to Palmer College of Chiropractic, whiplash is caused when ?a part of the body is whipped back and then forward beyond its normal limits,? resulting in ?micro-tears around the surrounding ligaments.? Lower back pain is caused when these micro-tears begin to swell.

A chiropractor for accident victims can treat lower back pain caused by whiplash without the need for surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. Many chiropractic techniques include different forms of spinal manipulation such as:

  • The toggle drop during which the chiropractor will press down on the patient?s spine in a quick thrust as a means of increasing mobility in the joints
  • Release work during which the chiropractor gently separates the vertebrae in the patient?s spine using the pressure of their fingertips
  • The lumbar roll during which the patient lies on their side and the chiropractor applies — like the toggle drop — a quick thrust to the misaligned vertebrae.

28% of adults report limited activity because of chronic lower back pain. Benefits of a chiropractor include pain relief, mobility restoration, and long-term healing support. Don?t let yourself be a part of the 28%.

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