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After years of working out and staying fit, many people begin to look for new ways to stay focused on their health and fitness goals. Former runners, for example, are often in search of an activity that is less stressful to their joints and their body. Athletes looking for a break from swimming might be looking an opportunity to stretch sore muscles and relax after a long workout. Piyo training is a combination of Pilates and yoga and many fitness enthusiasts find it beneficial.
Piyo workouts teach athletes the ability to work on specific muscles groups and core strength. Without damaging joints and twisting ankles, Piyo training is an opportunity to exercise without impact. As many athletes continue to look for ways to work out without causing undo stress on their joints, activities like yoga and Pilates continue to grow in popularity.
Piyo Classes Can Take Place in a Variety of Locations
One of the best advantages of piyo training is that it can take place in virtually any location. Short of an instructor and a mat, the basics of a piyo training class do not anything else. Like the beach? Piyo instructors on the coast of California offer classes at several oceanside locaitions. Like the mountains? Piyo instructors in Breckinridge, Colorado, can offer their summer classes with the majestic background of the Rocky Mountains.
In fact, nearly any location works. Even the top fitness programs in Omaha, Nebraska, take advantage of the nice weather months and offer Piyo Classes in the Park.
Most Americans Can Benefit from More Exercise
Unfortunately, only 20% of adults meet the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity. Finding a new fitness activity or workout plan, however, can be a motivator for many.
Whether you are new to fitness and workout activities or you are someone who has always enjoyed staying in shape and healthy, studies continue to show that exercising is a healthy and worthwhile pursuit. Consider the following facts:

  • Research provides strong evidence that regular physical activity can also lower a person’s risk of many cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Consisttent physical activity can also help lower a person’s risk for Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • Proper exercise promotes better rest and the chance for a good night’s sleep.
  • Fitness workouts promote weight loss and overall good health.

Fitness Careers Are Growing in Popularity
Athletes who want to look for fitness as a career might consider Piyo coaching. These fitness coaching classes are ideal for entrepreneurial minded, self starting women. A Piyo training career is an opportunity for individuals who want a transportable or home business. Women who have a passion for fitness, as well as a lifestyle of freedom can enjoy the advantages of being in business for themselves. By creating their own schedule, these fitness instructors can feed their passion for fitness at the same time they create their own income.
After years of pounding high impact sports like volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, or running, athletes are often looking for a fitness plan that is still effective, but less damaging to to their joints. Just as Shavasana is a relaxing way to end a yoga workout, Piyo can be a more relaxing way to end a life of high impact aerobic fitness. A workout plan that involves Piyo techniques still provides core strengthening and muscle toning. As a workout that mostly uses your own body weight for resistance, Piyo requires a very small investment in other materials.
Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health and Fitness?
The decision to start any new fitness plan is the decision to take control of your life. Healthy eating and calorie counting can only take you so far. If you really want to see results, regular exercise must also become part of your every day habits. Once you have made the decision to start both exercising and eating healthy, the real secret is to continue working toward your goals. Adding in a relaxing fitness program like Piyo can help you stay dedicated for long periods of time. Add in an interesting setting like the beach and you have a fitness combination that will be easy to keep. Staying fit while earning an income makes for a great lifestyle.

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