What You Need to Know Before Starting an HCG Diet


According to Doctablet, there are things you need to know about this diet before you undertake it. There are a number of weight-loss medications on the market that can help a little bit with weight, but they are only required to help patients lose about 5% of their weight. They can also be highly expensive. With the HCG diet, the supplement is a naturally occurring hormone that can help with weight loss.

HCG is naturally made by the placenta, and it used to be prescribed for patients to inject themselves with every day along with a low-calorie diet that was likely responsible for the weight loss.

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Prescription HCG is now used to help the body to mobilize fat and to protect muscle from being used for energy when the patient eats a low-calorie diet. It also works as an appetite suppressant and helps people have more energy while dieting.

Fatty and starchy foods are removed from the patient’s diet as a part of the HCG diet. Patients eat lean meats, fruits, and vegetables when on the HCG diet. These are eaten in very small amounts so that the body burns fat for energy. With this diet, there is a lot of weight loss possible for patients who stick with it.

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