4 Types of Medical Hammers Used to Elicit Muscle Reflexes


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When it comes to testing of tension reflexes and chest repercussions, reflex hammers are widely used specialty tool for these medical procedures. These tools are designed to elicit reflexes to a tendon through tapping, which enables the physicians to detect disorders on the nervous system. There are two types of reflexes that a patient can exhibit; Hyperreflexia and hyporeflexia. Hyperreflexia is an extreme form of reflex, which often means there is a problem with the central nervous system. On the other hand, hyporeflexia is a small reflex that suggests a disorder in the peripheral system.

Generally, there are different reasons that prompt this type neurosurgical examination, the main one is when there is a loss of muscle mass, tone and strength, which normally occurs in men and women after the age of 65 years. When this condition worsens, it may warrant the use of medical canes and other mobility devices for seniors.

These neurological abnormalities on the body can be effectively examined with specialized medical tools like the MDF reflex hammer. However, purchasing a quality reflex hammer is a decision that is affected by several factors such as style and design, application, and of course, price. However, it has to be noted that the type of hammer used and the force applied on the tendon will greatly determine the resultant elicited reflex.

MDF reflex hammer types are based on brand, quality, utility and the personal testimonies each hammer has received. Besides, each type of hammer is designed to offer practical application based on specific medical needs. So, while you are thinking of buying a percussion hammer, below are few types you could consider.

ADC Taylor Reflex Hammer
This hammer from American Diagnostic is effective in delivering timely muscle response without applying too much effort. It is designed with a synthetic rubber head and a chrome handle with a 5-color option to choose from.

Prestige Taylor percussion hammer
An effective and inexpensive hammer used to test joint reflexes as well as bone fractures. This functional tool is made with a triangular stealth rubber head, which offers the hammer its lightweight while it also elicits muscle responses. It has a 7.5-inch chrome handle and you can get the hammer in a variety of colors.

MDF Tromer Neurological Reflex Hammer
The MDF reflex hammer is a unique hammer, quality designed to deliver accurate and precise muscle responses and also abdominal reflexes with minimum effort. The medium density fiber board hammer has a relatively long handle and it comes with a 4-in-1 dual mallet for superb balance. For patients who are allergy sensitive, this is the best option because it’s a latex free material.

Dejerine Reflex Hammer
Lastly, we have this reflex hammer that features a stainless steel handle with synthetic rubber hammer ends. It is also latex free to be used even for allergic sensitive patients.

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