Bunion Surgery What to Expect at Home

Few people hardly understand the recovery time after bunion surgery and especially what to do when undergoing home recovery. Immediately after a bunion surgery, you will no doubt experience some foot pain that gradually improves from up to six weeks after the surgery. There can also be some swelling that disappears after a few weeks. However, bunion pain and swelling can last up to six months into the surgery although this should not be a point of concern. After the surgery, you will be required to wear a certain type of shoe in order to protect your toe as well as improve your general foot health. In most cases after a foot surgery, your doctor will require you to wear a special kind of shoe that helps speed up the recovery process and avoid future feet problems. Whereas there is no standard recovery time after bunion surgery, the care schedule below provides an insight of how long it might take to recover after a bunion surgery.

Activities to do While Recovering
In most cases, the recovery time after bunion surgery depends on the kind of activities you engage in while at home. It is estimated that women are 10 times more at risk of bunions than men. Consecutive studies have also established that between a quarter and a third of Americans have bunion deformities. This common occurrence means that a lot of people undergo the surgery to correct the bone deformity. After the surgery, confirm from your doctor the type of activities that you can engage in and those you cannot. Whenever you feel tired, always take some rest to avoid straining your foot. If the bandage is still on, you can take a shower but ensure that the bandage is kept dry. In the event that the bandage has already been removed, wash the area gently with warm water. You will be required to keep off work for a specified period of time as recommended by the doctor-mostly just 2 to 3 weeks. However, how long you will be required to keep off work also depends on the kind of work that you do. Work that requires heavy lifting will probably keep you away for a little longer.

Diet and Medicines
The kind of diet and use of prescription medicines also determines the recovery time after bunion surgery. You can simply follow your normal diet as long as you feel no changes in your body that raises concerns. In some instances, you might notice some changes in your bowel movements immediately after the surgery. This is normal with most surgical procedures. In order to avoid any issues that could be caused by the diet, fibre supplement is recommended in the diet. With regards to medication, the doctor’s instructions should be strictly followed. The doctor will advise on when you can restart your medication. The doctor will also make recommendations regarding the use of new medicine. Pain medicine should be taken strictly according to the prescription otherwise their effectiveness in alleviating mild pain will be compromised. If you happen to take blood thinners such as aspirin and Plavix, ask your doctor after how long into the surgery you should restart taking such medication. Antibiotics too should be taken to the full course according to the doctor’s prescription. You should never stop taking prescription drugs as recommended simply because you feel better.

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