When You Need Autoclave Repair


A number of industries today make use of metal instruments that interact with the human body or the bodies of pets or livestock. Naturally, modern medical standards and knowledge of germ theory demand that these instruments be properly cleaned and sterilized before use. In times past, dirty instruments were the norm and ironically, many surgical items and their use caused lethal infections in patients. Field hospitals in the American Civil War might be a fine example of this. Since then, however, medical standards of sanitation have grown considerably, and now sterilization is standard for these metal implements. Such industries as tattoo and piercing parlors, doctor’s offices and urgent care clinics, veterinarian offices, and hospitals need their metal instruments sterilized. This is done with a device known as an autoclave, which uses stream and pressure to sterilize cleaned-off instruments between uses. This also means that autoclave repair services may be called upon by vet’s offices or hospitals regularly, such as searching “autoclave repair near me” online.

Cleaning Instruments

Today, autoclave tattoo sterilizers or an autoclave for veterinarian clinics are used to sterilize scalpels, needles, and more. In the mid 1800s, this concept was pioneered by the French chemist Louis Pasteur. At the time, Mr. Pasteur realized that bacteria can be killed at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, he invented the sterilization technique of boiling and heating metal instruments to kill the microorganisms on them. Over time, such sterilization techniques gave way to more modern means such as autoclaves.

A modern autoclave features more than boiled water. Rather, such a machine has a door that may close and seal off the interior, and an autoclave overall may resemble a small oven. Such devices make use of heated, highly pressurized steam to kill absolutely any and all microorganisms found on the items inside, such as bacteria, viruses, and microscopic parasites. Most commonly, modern autoclave models will use steam heated to either 250 or 270 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all microorganisms on the items’ surfaces inside the autoclave. After all, such instruments as scalpels and needles will be washed and cleaned after use, but that alone does not make them sterile. To complete the process, such cleaned instruments will also be placed into the autoclave and sterilized thoroughly. Bloodborne pathogens have been known to survive on objects up to a week at a time, so naturally, items such as tattoo needles and medical scalpels must be sterilized vigorously.

Caring For Autoclaves

Autoclaves are machines like any other, and should be cared for by their owners. Their owners may be the staff at a hospital emergency room, or a tattoo or piercing parlor or a vet’s clinic or animal hospital. Such machines should be regularly tested to ensure that they are in fine working order, and that they are capable of maximum sterilization with each use. The CDC, for example, has recommended that an autoclave (and related sterilization devices) be subjected to spore testing at least once per week. A failed test means that an autoclave cannot muster the correct pressure or heat in steam, and this calls for repairs. In other cases, an autoclave may be used with the wrong settings several times, or it may be worn out from age or used improperly. In cases such as these, the owner may want to find repair experts to handle this.

Searching online is a fine idea, and a vet’s office may search “autoclave repair near me San Diego CA” or “tattoo autoclave repair near me Miami FL” to find something local. A search with the phrase “autoclave repair near me” keeps the results relevant, and an autoclave repair expert will know how to get a machine back in working order. But in some cases, it may be in fact cheaper and more practical to buy an entirely new autoclave, such as if the current one is very old and may break again soon. Wholesalers who provide medical and sterilization equipment are likely to have new and powerful autoclave models in their catalogs that business professionals may browse. Doing this is essential if the only autoclave on the premises broke down, and such businesses can’t afford to go without one. Otherwise, medical or tattoo procedures would be quite unsafe.

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